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Welcome new era of personal carbon trade

4 May, 2041

The World Carbon bank is a platform whose mission is to accelerate the carbon sustainability goal by using individual carbon exchanges. It's emergence brings us into a new era of personal carbon trade and facilitates the marching of carbon sustainable.


Instead of paying the high carbon bills to The CUDC, you can purchase carbon credits at much lower prices from Individuals and businesses worldwide, who earn extra carbon credits from the CUDC by off-setting carbon emissions using their own methods. 



Carbon account connect 

to your credit cards


CO2 Gadgets Magazine: 

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The world carbon bank connects you to carbon pickers all around the world. The prices of the carbon credit vary depending on the efficiency of carbon sequestration. 

Buyers can browse carbon pickers’ personal profiles, including carbon offset stories, locations and stock analytics to plan and decide their carbon purchases. Some cheaper carbon credit goes fast, so buyers can

subscribe the seller and get notifications when there would be more

credits coming for sale.

The World Carbon Bank connects buyers with their monthly carbon balances. Buyers can make sure that they have purchased all the credits they need in order to avoid high bills from CUDC.  The World Carbon Bank provides new job opportunities for climate refugees and turns heavy carbon emitting businesses into sustainable ones.

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